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Get IELTS Band 9 – In General Training Writing Task 1 Letters

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Are you taking the IELTS General Training Writing Test?

Do you know about the different types of Task 1 letters you may need to write?

Can you create a formal letter with the right recipient, style, and content ideas? What about a personal letter, or a semi-formal letter?

To get the best possible result in General Training Task 1, you need to analyse the instructions very quickly for the situation given, and create a letter designed exactly for that Task. This book shows you a 3-step process to plan and write your letter, for any type of Task situation that you may meet.

This book has twelve example Tasks; each one has a full commentary about the instructions, a Band 9 model letter, and an explanation of why the letter achieves such a high score.

We show you how to begin, organise and end the letter, how to move your grammar and vocabulary between formal and personal styles, and how to create content that will impress the IELTS examiners, even if your English is not perfect.

For anyone taking the IELTS General Training Test, the exam is an important step in your life. This book will help you to take that step with confidence, and get the best possible result on the day.

About the authors: Cambridge IELTS Consultants are a team of IELTS trainers and past examiners based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. They have many years experience of preparing students for IELTS Academic and General Training, marking the essays and developing course books to guide candidates through the Cambridge IELTS process. They really are the experts!