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How to Teach Yourself IELTS Essay Writing

 Author: Fatime Losonci (Author)  Category:

How to Teach Yourself IELTS Writing is a practical series for students that aims to teach learners preparing for the exam language (such as academic vocabulary and advanced grammatical structures), the structure of the exam, while exposing them to useful examples that show what is expected of them (following a ‘product’ writing approach), and helping them practice the various sub-skills step-by-step (following a ‘process’ writing approach).It was written to be used by band 5+ candidates either as a stand-alone, self-study resource by students wishing to improve their IELTS writing skills alone, or as part of a preparation course with a teacher.Each book includes ten modules that can be completed in about 2-3 hours each, depending on the learner’s needs and current language level. Similarly, the books might be covered as full courses in the order suggested, or customized, depending on specific problem areas.The sub-skills examined in each module were chosen because they are representative of the problems students tend to struggle with. However, in many cases the same problem (e.g. how to brainstorm efficiently or how to use linking words well), might be behind issues with writing another genre of the exam (i.e. essay, report or letter), so the books follow an integrated skills approach.