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IELTS Academic Reading Practice: 8 sample papers

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8 sample papers for IELTS Academic Reading (answers included)

The Academic Reading section tests a wide range of reading skills and strategies. Some tasks may involve reading for gist (i.e. general understanding, or overall meaning). Others may require you to read for the main ideas in a text. You might also need to read for detail or specific information. Or perhaps you will be required to read closely in order to understand a logical argument in a text.

Preparation for the IELTS exam experience

The content of this resource has been written to closely replicate the IELTS exam experience, and has undergone comprehensive expert and peer review.

Different reading tasks

Each of the 8 exam-styled tests includes the different reading tasks that you may encounter during the IELTS Academic Reading test:

  1. Matching headings
  2. True / False / Yes / No / Not Given
  3. Matching information
  4. Summary completion
  5. Sentence completion
  6. Multiple choice
  7. Matching features
  8. Choosing a title
  9. Categorisation/classification
  10. Matching sentence endings
  11. Table completion
  12. Flowchart completion
  13. Diagram completion
  14. Short answer questions

About the author

Jane Turner is an associate lecturer in EAP/EFL at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, and an EFL materials writer for international exam boards, universities and publishers. She previously worked as a Cambridge ESOL examiner for the British Council, and holds an MA in Education Management and Cambridge CELTA and DELTA.