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IELTS ACADEMIC WRITING TASK 1 & 2 – 2021 EDITION VOLUME 1 – Tips and strategies to improve your band score to 8+

 Author: Jack Heaven (Author)  Category: IELTS Practice

IELTS is the most well-known standardized test in the world nowadays, and every year, millions of people, most of whom are students, teachers, workers and those who want to migrate to foreign countries take this test.Therefore, in order to have a comprehensive preparation, you must have a guide, which can also be seen as your teacher, to assist you obtain your target, no matter how high and challenging it is.To support you on this path, I compose this book with an aim of giving you every thing you need to write the best IELTS Writing essays ever. This book is comprised of two main parts with key strategies, tips, tricks, clear and detailed instruction, sets of exercise and sample essays that can help you practice constantly before the test date.A closer look at what you are offered when handing on this book:Part 1 – Writing Task 1•An overview of IELTS Task 1 question types•Detailed instructions for all question types, including Line, Pie, Bar graph, Table, Map and Process•Samples answers packed with academic and topic vocabulary that helps you upgrade your essay day by dayPart 2 – Writing Task 2•An overview of IELTS Writing Task 2 question types•Detailed instruction, suggested ideas for all question types, including Opinion, Discussion, Cause – Solution and Direct question.•Sample answers with topic vocabulary•Diary spaces where you can take note and keep track of what you are studying and how quick you’re making progress.I hope with my support, every one can achieve their desirable band score in IELTS Writing.Thank you!