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IELTS Academic Writing Task Two & Task One: Three Steps

 Category: IELTS Practice

I have been preparing students for the Academic IELTS test for more than ten years. 80% to 90% of my students achieve level 6 or above.HOW DO I MAKE MY WRITING MORE INTERESTING?Please don’t! It’s not an essay writing competition and there are no marks for interesting. So don’t waste your energy on interesting because the examiners are not interested. Spend that energy on getting the structure right.DO I NEED TO BE GOOD AT ENGLISH GRAMMAR?Your essay is like the Titanic. Your grammar mistakes are the holes in the side of the ship. If we make the ship solid and luxurious and the holes small, we can keep your level 6 and above afloat for long enough. I have included “common Grammar Mistakes’ at the end of this book.OTHER STUFF TO REMEMBER.IELTS tests your English, not if you are good, clever, witty, amusing or even honest.