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IELTS Band 9 Vocab Secrets – Your Key To Band 9 Topic Vocabulary

 Author: Cambridge IELTS Consultants (Author)  Category: IELTS Practice

Are you taking the IELTS exam?

Do you know about the 10 special topic areas which IELTS uses to create all the questions in the Speaking and Academic Writing tests?

Simply by focussing your learning on these 10 topics, you can develop an advanced, flexible range of vocabulary which will impress the examiners, even if your English is not perfect.

This book introduces you fully to the 10 special IELTS topics, gives you a Band 9 (Academic Task 2) model essay on each topic, and explains a large amount of advanced, topic-specific words and phrases for each subject. Each word or phrase has a full definition, with IELTS-based examples of how to use these words in different ways in both your Writing and Speaking.

Don’t try to take the IELTS exam without understanding these 10 topics and the vocabulary you should use in each one. With this book, you can maximise your chances of achieving Band 7 to 9 – and get the result you really deserve.

The topics covered are:
Topic 1: Work and careers
Topic 2: Education and schooling
Topic 3 Children and families
Topic 4: Nature, the environment and energy
Topic 5: Culture, art and traditions
Topic 6: Healthcare, health and sport
Topic 7: Global challenges
Topic 8: Cities and infrastructure
Topic 9: Countryside and agriculture
Topic 10: Government and the authorities

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Cambridge IELTS Consultants are a team of IELTS trainers and past examiners based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. They have many years experience of preparing students for IELTS at University level, assessing the speaking tests and developing course books to guide candidates through the Cambridge IELTS process. They really are the experts!