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The writing module of the IELTS General Training Exams tests candidates’ skills in writing of the English language. The test usually has two questions; one tests the letter writing abilities of candidates while the other tests the essay writing abilities of candidates. In Task One, candidates can be required to write any of the different kinds of letters that exists while in Task two, the imagination of candidates is put to the test as they are required to write essays on a variety of topics. In this book, the major points to take note of when attempting the IELTS General Training Writing Tests will be highlighted.Also, this book contains practice questions with answer space identical to what you will come across in your exams. The Task 1 questions come first while the Task 2 questions follow. When practicing, it is advised that you time yourself so that you are accustomed to real exam conditions.Using this book properly will greatly increase your chances of scoring a high band score in IELTS General Training Writing Tests.