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IELTS Reading. Academic Practice Tests Questions Sets 6-10. Sample mock IELTS preparation materials based on the real exams: Created by IELTS teachers for their students and you.

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The 2020 1st edition of IELTS Reading. Academic Practice Tests Questions Sets 6-10 has been created to help students like you continue to practise for the real exam.


Through practising these, and other questions in the series, you will be able to become more familiar with the types of questions asked in the exam and be better able to respond confidently.


If you’re not doing an IELTS practice test daily, for at least a few months before the exam, you will find it harder to get the band score that you want. Even native English speakers who don’t study for the IELTS test can fail to get the band score they need.


These IELTS practice tests have come from many discussions with IELTS examiners, IELTS teachers, and especially IELTS students who have described the kinds of questions that can appear in the real exam.


You will find that the Just IELTS Questions series will be a great addition to your IELTS toolkit and can help you reach your goal faster.