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IELTS Reading and Academic Writing : 14 Reading Tasks for GT and Academic exams, every Task 1 Academic writing graphic,and the 7 IELTS Essay types

 Author: MJG Education (Author)  Category: IELTS Practice

IELTS Reading exposes the 14 different Reading tasks used on the IELTS Exam with methods, examples, and practice that give an accurate rendering of what test-takers will confront on the IELTS Reading exam, which cover both the General Training and Academic Reading exam types.

IELTS Academic Task 1 Writing and Task 2 Formal Essays provide step-by-step instruction of method, procedure, scoring, with multiple examples. All the information graphics are presented for Academic Writing Task 1 with insight as to how to describe multiple line graphs, pie and bar charts, mixed charts, tables, diagrams/procedures, and maps by an experienced IELTS examiner who explains what the examiners are looking for through the lens of the IELTS Descriptor Bands. Task 2, the formal essays, are broken down as well. First, by way of a proper outline, then the Descriptors Bands are illuminated, with exemplars, and, finally, each of the 7 prompt types is exposed to allow the candidate to immediately recognize them on the day of the exam. Each essay prompt is written out as a full-length essay, which includes the thesis, sentence structure, and academic word features. Also included are a Speaking Primer, a Listening Primer, and a 109-word academic vocabulary list. A mock IELTS exam can be found on youtube – search MJG Education.