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IELTS Reading Module: How to Answer the Difficult Questions (IELTS ACADEMIC MODULE)

 Author: William Sauton (Author)  Category:

This book which provides practice in answering difficult questions in the IELTS Reading Module is essential preparation for all serious students who are determined to achieve a high IELTS band score.

Achieving a high IELTS band in Reading is not easy! Ignore books that tell you otherwise. Books on reading techniques and tips are fine but they are not adequate preparation for this important exam. There are no easy roads to success. It is a difficult job to understand the demanding Reading Questions that are set.

You need solid practice in familiarising yourself with the types of questions, developing the skill of distinguishing key ideas from secondary details and honing the ability to guess unknown words from context. This book will give you that essential practice.

This book is divided into two sections:

> A series of Reading Tasks which comprise a question, a substantial piece of text and some definitions. The texts are drawn from a variety of knowledge areas to reflect the range of texts that the IELTS Reading Module presents while each question is demanding in the range of “quite difficult” to “difficult”.

> A Feedback Section which provides detailed comments on the correct answer and goes through each incorrect answer explaining why that option is wrong. Most IELTS Reading material fails to provide adequate feedback on the answers. If students of the IELTS examination are to make real progress, it is vital that they understand why some answers are wrong in addition to spotting the correct answer.

This book is specifically aimed at those who are serious about their IELTS exams and determined to reach their goal of going on to further academic studies or qualifying for entry to another country.