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IELTS UP TASK 2 Writing: The perfect book for a 6-9 score while improving your speaking and vocabulary

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I was an IELTS examiner. I wrote this book with the current IELTS Task 2 topicsFor Speaking check goal of this bookThe purpose of IELTS UP is to improve writing skills and give ideas for people who wish to receive a score of 6.0-7.0 or higher for Task 2 of IELTS Academic and General exam. This book strives to reach your desired score by giving you the ideas and vocabulary for current topics. I have many years of experience successfully developing learners for the IELTS exam and many more years as a writing examiner. The layout of this book has been used with countless students with great success. This book can be used in the classroom with a teacher or as a self-study manual. Description of Writing Task 2 Task 2 is similar to putting a jigsaw puzzle together. The exam question gives a tiny picture of what you must make. The puzzle pieces are in your mind somewhere, but you only have 40 minutes to find them and put them together. If you have ever built a jigsaw puzzle, you know how essential the corner and edge pieces are. This innovative book, unlike any other, gives you the corner and edge pieces (ideas) that match with all current exam questions. No other book does this! Having good ideas for topics is necessary to achieve 7 or higher on your IELTS writing. This book will:•Give 5 to 10 minutes more to do Task 2.•Give more ideas to write more.•Give you great ideas to make your Task 2 look better.•Give you more vocabulary and grammar.Challenges to overcome for Writing Task 2This book dramatically helps candidates with the two most notable complaints about IELTS Writing.Candidate complaint #1 – “I do not have enough time to write Task 2 well.”Solution – This book provides ALL type 2 questions and ideas so you can save time preparing before you start writing.Candidate complaint #2 – “the topic is strange or not well known to me, so it is hard to write a good essay.”Solution – By looking at all the question, especially the topics less familiar, you can quickly plan a convincing essay to receive a score of 7 to 8 comfortably.Vocabulary – Many books give you lists of words and synonyms. However, then you lose points on your writing test because you have misused words or have the wrong collocation. By looking at how this book uses different words to describe ideas in context, you will have a much better idea when you write your exam.This book guarantees to have all you need to receive 7 or higher for 3 of the 4 categories: Task Achievement, Coherence + Cohesion, and Lexical Resource(vocabulary). Note for teachersYou can format this book from epub to a Word document. There are 47 lessons which can begin with the ‘vocabulary questions’ included for each topic. These questions will help learners to activate schemata and personalize lexis to improve writing and speaking.For self-study studentsYou can study alone, but more progress will be made if you have a partner or group. You can use the vocabulary questions to improve your understanding of more academic words/collocations that will help you with speaking, listening and reading. The book is not meant to be memorised but rather to give you ideas for you to add your examples. You cannot memorise an essay. You can have more ideas and vocabulary about many different topics so that when it comes time to write, you can do so much more confidently.Each essay style is provided with many examples, vocabulary and vocabulary questions to help you improve your vocabulary