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IELTS® Writing: Grammar and Vocabulary

 Author: Erica Meltzer (Author)  Category: IELTS Practice

Based on an analysis of numerous student essays, IELTS® Writing: Grammar and Vocabulary is a practical guide designed to systematically target the most challenging aspects of grammar for IELTS candidates, particularly those aiming for a score of Band 7 or above in Writing.


Topics include:


• Articles

• Tenses in context

• Idioms and collocations

• Proper use of linking devices

• Formal and informal language

• Graph and letter-writing vocabulary


At every step, the book emphasizes contemporary usage and discusses points often overlooked in traditional language classes, with the goal of moving you beyond “textbook English” to real-life language. Hundreds of example sentences based on common essay subjects demonstrate how to apply each concept to the exam. Whether you need a quick review of tricky concepts or a thorough introduction to the type of English required in IELTS Writing, this guide can help you achieve your goals.


Appropriate for both General and Academic Training.

Please note: This book does not currently include exercises. A workbook is forthcoming in 2022.