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IELTS WRITING TASK 1 HOW TO WRITE 7 TO 9 BAND SCORES Interactive Online Support: A Guide to Writing Top Answers

 Author: ALFRED BOOKMAN M.A. English Language (Author)  Category:

This book has been written for students who want to get high IELTS writing task 1 band scores. The author is a native speaking teacher from England who worked for many years for the Official Cambridge IELTS Partner, I.D.P. Education, where he taught IELTS test preparation courses. In this book, he explains how students can get scores of bands 7 to 9, To do this, the book focuses on explaining how to write highly structured introductions, body paragraphs, and summaries with key vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structures that will get higher marks. The book is fully illustrated and the model answers reflect the official IELTS marking criteria used by IELTS examiners. The model examples and tips guide students how to write higher band score answers in the practice tests also provided. The strategies and tips in this book have been developed for students who wanted to increase their IELTS scores in the shortest possible time. Ask yourself ‘How can I develop strategies that work every time?’ Look inside and start reading about how to increase your IELTS band score today.