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IELTS Writing Task 2 (Academic & General): Improve Your Band in 1 Day!

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Most people find Task 2 writing the most difficult part of IELTS. It feels artificial, it is much too academic, and 40 minutes simply isn’t enough time to produce a Pulitzer Prize-winning essay! To make matters worse, most IELTS books in the market are ESL-oriented and dwell too much on tedious grammar and vocabulary exercises.

What you need is a system which enables you to consistently tackle almost any question thrown at you. This book will give you exactly that. It gives you the tools to develop your own bespoke template which helps you plan your essay efficiently. Say goodbye to wasted time being stunned by undecipherable Task 2 prompts.

This book also devotes entire sections to demystifying the IELTS marking rubric and gives you a clear idea of what exactly the examiners want. Never be frustrated by exam format again. IELTS is a test and every test has a key. This book gives you that key!