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Solutions to Academic Reading: Based on Cambridge 4 Examination papers

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Being unaware of the specifics of each question type, IELTS candidates may easily get confused and consequently be unable to achieve high marks. To avoid all the possible issues regarding every question type, candidates should be trained, through specific activities, to figure out how questions and texts are intertwined and what particular strategies can be used to answer the questions. The activities given in this guide significantly simplify the process of understanding the strategies and consequently answering questions correctly.

All the tasks in this book are based on Cambridge IELTS 4 Academic (Cambridge English, 2005), officially published by Cambridge University Press (CUP). According to CUP, Cambridge IELTS 4 Academic includes authentic IELTS examination papers and contains four complete tests for Academic candidates.

Our book is intended to be a supplementary guide to help candidates focus on all the problematic points mentioned above. All the tasks are extremely helpful for both IELTS instructors and candidates working partly or entirely on their own.

For each Cambridge English IELTS 4 Academic passage this guide provides the main vocabulary as well as activities to simplify the understanding of both texts and questions and develop certain skills to be used while working with other exam texts.

How to use this book:

Each passage of this book is divided into 3 task sections:

1. Words in the text and words in the questions

It is essential to familiarize candidates with the main vocabulary of each text before reading each passage in order to come to a conclusion about the general idea of the passage. To do that they should be aware of the definitions of the words given in the vocabulary grid.

2. Definition tests

Candidates then need to do some definition tests which will make them feel confident when answering the questions.

3. Key phrases in the questions and corresponding ones in the text

Concerning the key words in the questions, candidates should be able to match these items with their reworded equivalents in the text. Doing this will help them select the correct answers.

Apart from that, there’s a set of revision vocabulary tests based on the wordlists of the passages.

Once you have got to grips with the tips and activities given in this guide, you can use them to bring your candidates to the highest levels across any IELTS Reading Module – from answering Table Completion to Summary Completion.

We hope you enjoy using this book as much as we have enjoyed putting all the tasks together.