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The Craft of Writing IELTS Essays

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You can easily boost your IELTS writing score up to 2 bands after reading this book.

Instead of using traditional approaches, you will learn the in-depth concept of writing uniquely and comprehensively.
7 ways are used in this book to ace your exam:

1- Coherency and Cohesion:
You will learn how to maintain the flow of an essay and make the essay interesting for the reader. Have you read the op-eds in newspapers? They use the same strategy.

2- Vocabulary:
Vocabulary does not mean fancy words. It is about a variety and correct choice of words. Learn robust vocabulary and the concept of how to improve vocabulary further in minimum time.

3- Grammatical Accuracy
A professional writer is an expert at producing complex sentences with grammatical accuracy. Complex sentences do not mean complicated. Learn how to make error-free complex sentences.

4- Academic Style

Essays- including IELTS essays- are highly formal in nature. Casual, semi-formal styles, and/or inappropriate use of vocabulary/grammar spoil the essay. In this book, you will learn academic styles and how to improve them.

5- Concise language

Wording expressions detract from the beauty of an essay. You will learn how to say more in fewer words and make your essay impressive.

6- Examples
Each concept is explained with examples. All essay types are covered. Clarify your concept and implement it in the assignments given in the book

7- Free Essay Checking services
After learning concepts with adequate practice, write an essay and send it to us. ( The process is explained in the book). Our professional team will evaluate it free of cost and give you feedback. When you are sure, you are at your desired level, then sit in the exam confidently.

Writing is an art. The best resource to learn this art is the book “The Craft of Writing IELTS Essays”