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This book solely focuses on the Cue Card Section of the IELTS exam. This book is divided into three sections, and each section depicts different approaches to answer the cue cards.

In the first section, every topic has three answers, this section is meant to be taken as ideas only and students are advised not to cram the answers.

In the second section, five questions are selected to which a single answer is provided (Yes! You can use a single answer in many situations). This section is also meant to be taken as ideas only, however, the answers are written in a story form which will help the students to form their answers in a storytelling way.

In the third section, students will learn to organize their thoughts and ideas, and will also learn to craft answers to any cue card with their existing knowledge.

The aim of the book is to help students who fear the speaking module of the IELTS exam. The approach used in this book is very unique and I assure you that after a thorough study of this book students will be able to speak on any topic.

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